Electronic Manufacturing Services

Facilities & Capabilities

Production support to customers to cater smaller volumes to larger volumes with same zeal. Working partnership with our customers for product development. Close interaction with our customers and suppliers.

Equipment List

  • SMD Reflow Oven, Model RF-300, 3 zone, conveyorised, table-top with std

  • SMD Stencil Printer ,Model SPR 500 ,Manual printer with X,Y,Z and Theta adjustment

  • Wave soldering machine model DWSM 300LF, Lead Free, SMD wave, Auto flux,solder wave on-off, solder tank size 170 kg, pcb 300x400mm,2 pcb carriers, table-top m/c

  • Ultrasonic cleaning machine tank-12"x7"x8",250 watt,Temp ,timer, pcb basket

  • Dispenser for spot dispensing with foot switch and 200 cc adopter

  • Soldering Iron

  • Magnifying Lense

Test & Measuring Equipment

  • Digital Storage Oscilloscope 200MHz

  • Digital Multimeters

  • Power Supply

  • DC Source (0 – 30VDC)

  • LCR Bridge

  • AC Voltage Sorce(0-300V)