We provide reporting and alerting on all of the vehicle tracking devices such as Fuel Monitoring, Tracking, location, journey history.

RFID Integration

RFID solutions can be seamlessly integrated with ETPL. It is capable of supporting both Active and Passive RFID tags and readers. RFID solutions are used in a wide range of applications ranging from Driver authentication and mobile movable assets.


ETPL gives the total number of devices that are assigned to particular user. This gives live tracking on map and monitoring of devices like whether the device is online or offline, how many satellites the devices are getting location data from, is the device stationary or moving and assigned SLE parameters if attached.
Also it contains additional menu from which we can get the information like

  • Show Track.
  • Query Message.
  • Execute SLE Values.

Live Tracking

Live Tracking gives the detail tracking information about particular device for selected date and time. It shows the track followed by the vehicle on particular date with different colors with specific speed, parking and halt information. We can play the track video also which will show the vehicle moving on map.


It gives the details about the geofences that are activated for the previous trips. Also we can add the new geofences for the upcoming trips and that can be assigned to particular SLM/SLE or for all devices that we have. This geofences remain active from the point of time we created it till we delete it. The geofence can be of any type like line, polygon, circle or triangle. Geofences can be used to control units’ activity in particular areas or, on the contrary, outside them.

Alerts & Notifications

One of the most fundamental requirement from Tracking System is to provide accurate and timely EXCEPTION REPORTING. ETPL covers a range of Alerts & notifications. These alerts and notifications are communicated via email or in the form of a text message (SMS) when such events occur. Its state of art notification system sends alerts when it detects any of the following.


It gives the detail report about the SLM and SLE devices like for SLM device. Also for SLE devices alongwith the tampering condition and battery voltages, it will give the environmental parameters in detail like temperature, humidity and light sensor values for respective date and time

  • Dashboard
  • Log Report
  • History Report
  • Geo Fence Report
  • Route Deviation Report
  • Battery voltage Reports
  • Seal Tampering Graphs

Route Deviation

Route deviation is to create a route for the devices to follow and assign a schedule for it.