Security Electronic seals

for Shippers, Manufacturers, Logistics service .

Electronic seals

seals with RFID, GPRS and GPS technology.

Combination of electronic seal

GPS tracking and a GPRS Modem.


"ETPL has positioned itself as an end-to-end telematics solution provider. Our telematics products range from Web applications to hardware devices, embedded devices to external device enablers. Our products focused more on needs existing in the B2B verticals." "ETPL is a leading solution provider of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) communication solutions that remotely track, monitor, and control fixed and mobile assets."


SLM: - RadioSecure SLM is the latest electronic security seal innovation for tracking intermodal containers conveyances using active RFID, GPRS and GPS technology. This high security electronic seal enables shippers, manufacturers and logistics service providers and asset owners to actively monitor the security and integrity of shipments .


RadioSecure SLE is a creative innovation for tracking conveyances and assets. In addition to security status, the device is also able to monitor and report environmental parameters like temperature and humidity. Light sensor also available in SLE.

Our Products VTS(Vehicle Tracking System)

The Secure Vehicle Tracking System intelligent tracking and reporting device is the quad-band track, trace and locate in vehicle telematics products. Designed for the most demanding fleet management operation, offering scalability, compatibility and added functionality to a simple cost effective track-n-trace operation.

EMS Activity (Electronic Manufacturing Services)

Production support to customers to cater smaller volumes to larger volumes with same zeal. Working partnership with our customers for product development. Close interaction with our customers and suppliers.

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